10 Weird Ways to Get Motivated

Many would argue that the only thing more valuable than time is motivation. Time is nothing if you don’t have any motivation to do something with your time allotted. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to get some work done for your job, school, or a life change, it can be hard to find a way to wake up your spirit. We’ve all heard the usual suggestions, write a to-do list, make a schedule, work with a friend, but how about something a little different for once? These are my top 10 weird ways to get myself motivated.

1.Watch a Documentary 

This is by far my favorite technique. I love watching anything that gets my brain thinking. Documentaries always do that for me, it’s especially effective if it relates to one of your passions or goals. Show yourself what you’re working for.

2.Or an Oddly Inspirational Movie/Show

Same logic as above here. If you’re one to like background noise while you work though, keeping series running through your work time can be really effective.


“But don’t I usually need to be motivated to clean?” This one might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I find that cleaning is usually very cathartic, which is helpful as a lot of times lack of motivation actually comes from an anxiety associated with the task. Cleaning also gets you into the the proper “get shit done” mood.

4.Buy Something to Assist the Task

This one is simple. If you invest in your work, you feel more liable to do it.

5.Take a Walk

Low energy exercise is great for waking you up and getting the thoughts floating. Take the time to appreciate the day, and recognize that it’s not one you want to waste by being unproductive.

6.Make Your Work Place a Destination

I have a hard time working if I know my bed, pets, or kitchen is close by. I’ll walk away from my work, convinced that I’ll go back to it, only to return a couple hours later. If the workplace is somewhere you had to travel to get to though, like a coffee shop you drove to or a park you walked around to find a seat it, you’re more likely to do a decent amount of work. You don’t want to waste all that travel time and effort to only get an hours worth of work done.

7.Play Different Music for Tasks

Music has a powerful hold over our minds and feelings. I have a specific play list for different tasks. There’s one for cleaning, working out, school work, regular work, and so on. As soon as the music plays I’m in the zone I need to be in for whatever my task is.

8.Dress to Impress

This is a common one, but still worth mentioning because it’s so overlooked. Dress how you want to feel and for the life you want. It’s fantastic motivation for you to live up to the way you look with your work ethic.

9. Tell Others You’re About to Do Work

This isn’t so much something I do personally, but my friends use me for all the time. Find someone in your life who will motivate you through a wall and will check in on you (and hold you accountable) for your progress.

10.Read Motivational Quotes (or posts like this)

Again, a no brainer here. A lot of people in my life though are eternally grateful when I send them motivational quotes or blog posts to help them get to work. It’s one of my go to’s as well.


And if all else fails, write your own blog post on motivation to get yourself in gear. Now get on that grind, you have some goals to crush.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” -Mark Twain 


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