16 Questions Every Vegetarian Gets Asked

Just a light-hearted stab at the silly questions vegetarians are regularly bombarded with, including some responses I wish I could say to people I know are just looking for a rise.

1.Really? Like an actual one?

Yes. Actual. This question has been caused by those “vegetarians” who still eat chicken, or meat on holidays. That’s not a vegetarian, that’s a person trying to stick to a vegetarian diet.

2.For how long?

This can trip up some people who are new to the lifestyle, but if you’ve never had meat in your life like myself you get to just leave them gaping.


4.Is it hard?

5.Don’t you miss good food?

6.You know humans are evolved to eat meat, right?

Yes. I will add here that I personally have no issues with the consumption of meat and believe it can be a part of a healthy diet. I have issues with the meat industry.

7.So does it like offend you if I’m eating this in front of you?

No, of course not. This is a cute, but very confusing question to me. Sometimes I dislike the smell of meat, but I dislike the smell of peanuts too. How does one get offended by another’s dietary habits?

8.How is that at all healthy? It can’t be healthy.

And yet here I am.

9.So what do you like eat for dinner then?

Not meat.  Which actually leaves a rather large section of food to still be consumed.

10.What do you eat for Thanksgiving?

Food. Food that doesn’t include meat.

11.Are you like one of those soap box ones that’s going to preach to me on why I should stop eating meat?

Nope. Although I might as well be now that you’re drilling into every detail of my dietary habits. I must say though, I’ve never met a vegetarian or vegan who stood up on a soap box, but I have met plenty of meat eaters who feel it is their place to question my diet.

12.Will you raise your children to eat like that?

Who knows, I don’t have kids yet. I know I wouldn’t force them to if they chose later in life to not be vegetarian.

13.What if you marry someone who eats meat?

Does marriage require me to eat off their plate?

14.Come on, try some of my [insert food with meat]! What’s the worst that would happen if you ate meat?

I’d get sick. This is a rather important point to note, because many people think it would be a funny joke to slip meat into a vegetarian’s food. In a lot of cases (not true for everyone though) if someone is vegetarian long enough their body won’t be properly able to break down the meat as they’re not used to it. If you’ve never had meat like myself, simply using the same knife to cut my food that had previously touched meat will have me ill for few hours at least.

15.So do you only eat salads?


16.Where do you get your protein?!!?!??

This is where I have to start taking deep breaths.*insert eye roll*


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