Treat Yo Self

The Do’s and Don’ts


Buy that dress when you only have a 1/4 of your rent that’s due in a few days.


Buy that higher end dress for an event when you know that after you’ll end up wearing it so often that the price-per-wear will plummet.


Treat yourself to something of poor quality.


Treat yourself to something that lasts a long time. The treat that keeps on treating.


Let treating yourself become a habit “well I did it last week so…” No, then it’s a routine, not a treat!


Treat yourself when something really special or extraordinary happens.


Treat yourself out of your means.



Have a budget or save jar set aside for your treats. This helps you to not splurge too much.

And most importantly.

Do have Aziz follow you around during to say, “treat yo self.” (This one might be tricky).



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