Hello Lovelies,

     Here it is, the mandatory section of my blog where I write about myself. Hopefully, this will be a lot less painful to read than it is to write.

     I could go into great length about my life history, where I grew up, went to school, all of that unnecessary detail, but I will opt not to. To make it short and sweet, I am from Connecticut, and study Biology with minors in Public Health and Linguistics.

     My greatest passion in life is finding it in others. That might not make any sense, but to make it more understandable, I enjoy helping others find the passion in their lives. Not in a romantic sense, but in a very humanistic sense. What is it that makes a person tick, what is it that can light a flame in them that consumes their woken hours and fights against the dark when it’s time to sleep. There is not a person in this world that doesn’t have that one thing that brings the spark to their eyes, make them sit up to attention and have a cascade of words ready to spill held at the tip of their tongue.

     I’m not speaking of what people like. I like to paint, I like to surf, I like the way cloudy days feel through the blinds when the subdued light hits my eyes. These are all things that fuel my soul, and they are important, but they aren’t passion.

     That is why I made this blog. I want to help people find their passions, help them find their way to change the world and do something. More than that though, I want to give them the tools to do so. I always had trouble finding how to live out my passions do for the world all that I wished and would have loved a source such as this years ago.

That’s it from me,




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